Save the redheads!

This weekend, I learned a new word. I was chatting with a few Australians at a bar, one of whom was of Irish descent. His mate leaned in and said, “Don’t mind him, he’s a ranga.”  I guess it was dark enough at the bar that my colouring wasn’t obvious (or dude was colourblind) because he went on to explain that ranga is short for orangutan and is a derogatory term for redhead.


 Talk about sliver linings…an Australian TV actress is launching a campaign called Redheads for Redheads to raise awareness for this endangered species who shares 97% of our genetics. That’s right – redheads share 97% of our genetics! The other 3% is freckles, skin so pale it glows in the dark, and evilness. Seriously though, 80% of orangutan habitat has been  destroyed due to logging, mining, and the illegal pet and bushmeat trade. Check out the Redheads for Redheads campaign and save the rangas!


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