double dairy day

Two great new dairy discoveries today in Sydney:

Enjoyed some passionfruit & mango yoghurt on Bondi Beach. The crunchy seeds are so satisfying!

Passionfruit & Mango Yoghurt from Fresh at Bondi

Passionfruit & Mango Yoghurt from Fresh at Bondi

A few hours later, after meeting a friend for really spicy Thai food in Newtown, I went to check out an apartment in Enmore. I made all kinds of discoveries walking down Enmore Rd….live music (and real live Mexicans – a rare sight in Sydney) at El Cuervo Cantina, belly dance classes at the Newtown Middle Eastern Dance Centre, and a few good looking restaurants – from authentic Indian and Turkish places to foodie hot spot Pickwick’s.

Even though I was not remotely hungry, Cow and the Moon artisan gelato was so darn cute I had to step in and browse the flavours. I was sampling strawberry & balsamic, pear & lychee, and having a grand old time when the girl behind the counter asked if I wanted to try her favourite…lo and behold, I have discovered SPECULAAS GELATO!!!!!

Speculaas Butter!

Speculaas are Dutch biscuits, crisp, caramelized, flavoured with cinnamon and ginger. This summer, we discovered speculaas butter (looks like a jar of creamy peanut butter, tastes like cookies – molecular gastronomy at its finest) at Albert Heijn in Amsterdam. I loved it so much I bought a jar to take home, knowing that it might tip the scale and make me pay overweight. Worth it.

Cow and the Moon’s speculaas gelato is more subtle – crushed cookies in a creamy base. Like I said, I wasn’t even a little bit hungry, but I had a long commute back to Bondi ahead of me so I sprung for a small cup. Worth it.


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5 responses to “double dairy day”

  1. Lily Antflick says :

    omg nomz that passionfruit yogs looks unreal!

  2. Missy says :

    No way, SPECULAAS GELATO!!!!! Now I’m really jealous!!

  3. jenn says :

    YUM! Now you just need to find the butter.

  4. celia says :

    I speuclo-ate- that this is not the last of this cookie phenomenon!

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