you’re never alone with art and carbs

It’s hard being new in town. When the few friends you’ve made are otherwise occupied, you have a choice: sit around on facebook and think about how much fun everyone is having back home, or get out and do something on your own. Thursday evening I was in a negative state of mind: bored, purposeless, and lonely. I was aware of all kinds of things going on around Sydney but had nobody to go with. I sat on my new mattress in my windowless room getting bummed out, and finally made the executive decision to get out of my head and onto a train heading downtown.

I got off at Central and walked to Darlinghurst to check out a market. On the way, I found an amazing store called Reverse Garbage, a non-profit co-op that sells industrial discards to the general public and runs workshops teaching people about landfill diversion and recycling.

Reverse Garbage

Some of the treasures at Reverse Garbage in Darlinghurst


I had a ball rummaging through the lampshades, polyester banners, wires, helmets, tiles, and fabric scraps. Someone order a tall coffee? I dropped $3 on a halloween costume  – I’m going to be a bag of coffee. I’m going to make a dress out of a burlap coffee sack (organic and fair trade of course) and then I can tell all the boys that I need a little sugar.

Next stop was my original destination, which was a bit disappointing. The Eat & Meet pop-up market was pretty quiet in the rain. There were a few food stalls offering vegan laksa, ethical fro-yo, paella, and some delicious chutneys. There was a DJ spinning and some artists doing their thing, but it was grey and rainy and I didn’t stick around long.

I wandered along Oxford St. through Darlinghurst and Paddington. Thursday night here is the only night stores are open past 5 pm, so I browsed some of Paddington’s boutiques and bookstores before heading to a gallery opening at Kind Of Gallery. The solo show by Aoife Milson was called Trout Mask Replica Replica, a series of paintings and drawings that the artist created while listening solely to Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica album.

The gallery’s website describes the result as a “conversation between Beefheart and myself…documented through the production of my art. Belief systems that become relate-able, beef systems that are rebate-able, this becomes a reaction to Beefheart in all his glory.” The paintings were large scale, played on iconic holy family compositions with fractured neon geometric patterned halos and of course, tout masks. Beautiful people drank beer and mingled, and I shrunk right down into myself feeling like a stranger, but mostly feeling hungry.

I finished my night with a $10 carb & grease overload at Mother Chu’s Taiwanese Gourmet in Chinatown. The place was busy, looked clean enough, and the golden Yu Tiao beckoned me from the font window. I had a peppery hot & sour soup and an order of Yu Tiao, which are are deep fried breadsticks (like Chinese churros) wrapped in a chive pancake.

I felt a bit less lonely saturated with carbs and decided to call it a night. Of course, as soon as I got on the homebound train, a friend called telling me she was in Paddington…


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One response to “you’re never alone with art and carbs”

  1. says :

    Loving hear all about your updates. Don’t be lonely we are all living through you vicariously.

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