Vicariously Heavy


Living vicariously through the Nepali porters we encountered on our Himalayan trek…a reminder to keep my kvetcing to a minimum. These guys are under 5ft tall and carry these loads on tump lines that compress their spines as they climb the mountains in flip flops for hours every day. Occasionally they stop to rest on a stone wall like this one, where we caught our breath on the way down from Panchase Peak.

This porter’s wire cage was full of pasta, oil, canned tuna and other supplies for a group of trekkers. His buddies carried tents, folding tables, and an unbelievably weighty assortmet of ‘essentials.’ We packed much lighter – Scotty with our big pack full of warm clothes and some snacks, and me with my day pack with our books (Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen – read it!!!!), jackets and other odds and ends. No porters, no guide; we carried our own weight and followed our own trail.

We’ve just come back from this truly epic two week trek in the Annapurna region of Nepal, and it’s time to update the blog. I’ll try to keep it light.


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5 responses to “Vicariously Heavy”

  1. aportbury says :

    Love it! Just goes to show how little we really need, especially when we get confronted with a shocking perspective of others “necessities” like this.

    I really love what you guys are doing, and looking forward to more photos 🙂

  2. jenherbert says :

    So great to hear about your travels! I don’t know how they do it – I can’t even walk to work in flip flops without tripping at least twice 🙂

  3. jenherbert says :

    I can’t even walk to work in flip flops!
    Love this blog, miss you!

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