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For the Seventh Generation (via Teach ’em Good)

Here’s my post  from Teach ’em Good about the end of the permaculture youth program I’ve been working with out here in Byron Bay…featuring two videos of me performing a spoken word piece that I wrote for the occasion!

For the Seventh Generation

7 reasons why I’m staying an extra week in Byron Bay

1. Sunrise over the hills in Goonengerry – this is what I woke up to in my tent a couple weekends ago and I am looking forward to housesitting this property next week. This view comes complete with organic veggie garden, swimming hole in the valley, shamanic temple, and a bathtub under the stars.

2. Rainbows and surfboards…it doesn’t get much more Byron than that. I haven’t attempted to surf in about 10 years, but a new Couchsurfing buddy took a bunch of us out the other day on Main Beach. Took a lot of abuse but by the end of the day, I managed to ride a wave and not look like a muppet. Then as I lay on the beach collecting myself, this little slip of a rainbow appeared overhead.

3. I went to the Mullumbimby Community Garden last weekend for some peace of mind and bonding with Mama Earth. Bumped into a friend and talked for hours while I helped weed her plot and harvest some veggies. Caught a mellow sunset before heading home. I love this garden and the dedicated people, chickens, and microbes that make it what it is.

4. New friends who are eager to spend a Sunday climbing mountains. Sophie & me rewarding ourselves with chocolate after climbing Mt. Warning/Wollumbin.

5. Other new friends who invite me to see their beautiful Polynesian dance performances at cozy underground venues. Here’s Phoebe and her troupe at Double Basement- their hips don’t lie.

6. This dark chocolate sorbet has set a new bar for ice cream enjoyment. And it’s frigging sorbet…how do they make it taste so decadent? The other scoop was dulce de leche or something but who cares.

7. This guy. Here he is having a coffee in Bangalow, but I’m pretty sure I saw him the day before in head to toe purple hitching a ride near Mullumbimby. Either he’s all over the place, or there’s more than one monochrome cowboy in these parts.


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